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My name is Jonathan Fernandes and like a lot of people I have been battling the bulge from a young age. Do you have the same problem I do? Lots of people do.

Do you know what a yo-yo does? Great fun activity but not when it comes to fat loss. I have been gaining and losing weight constantly for the last 17 years . A lot of that comes down to the fact that I was overweight when I was a teenager.

It has been proven the number of fat cells grows during puberty to early adolescence; however this stabilizes in late adolescence. After this stage your fat cell count stays the same. Therefore if you were unhealthy as a teenager, it’s most likely that those fat cells are with you for life. Additionally as I get older it gets even harder with my work hours lifestyle, regular teaching holidays etc. It’s hard to keep it off!

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With the help of a one program I started using 4 years ago I was able to not only lose the weight, however when I stopped using it for 4-5 weeks, I didn’t lose too much of my gains, but more importantly it didn’t take me that long to get them back.

Check out my thoughts on the the video below!

Hey I wish I could be a dedicated soul like some people but that’s just not me as well as thousands of others like me who just can’t keep it going constantly. But I did manage to have some great results, have a look below. Good nutrition and a great program got me there.


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